I'm Tatu Peltola, OH2EAT, and this is a site to document some of my amateur radio related experiments and projects. I wrote these pages because I enjoy reading about other hams' experiments and I thought someone could find my projects interesting too. I've been thinking of creating a site like this for years and I finally decided to do it.

I like to build simple RF circuits, push the limits of commonly available technology and experiment with software radios and digital communications. I don't really have any favourite bands as I think every band is interesting in a different way. I've at least done some experiments on VLF, LF, HF, VHF, UHF, 10 GHz and visible light. I don't have QSOs that often but I usually keep my Mobira RD58SB on a local ragchew frequency 433.550 MHz and I regularly visit the OH2TI club.

I'll add content here whenever I get the inspiration to write something.


Joshua VE1CEN
Hello, I see you are picking me up all the way from Nova Scotia, Canada on WSPR 40 metres. Good work with your receiver!
kattelin teidän tetra dmo kirjoitusta tässä vähä lkisä dmo infoa https://osmocom.org/projects/tetra/repository/revisions/b33bc63042af9c2ceb56cb1cca56184b091690af/show/dmo-tests

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